Suitable for LED lamp with lumen output for 5300 lm. Tilting and turning, surface-mounted spotlight, with interchangeable reflectors for SP, MFL & WFL beams.


The new lighting technology with an efficient energy balance between heat and light, produces a IR/UV-free light, with a definite advantage in Power Consumption.


The surface-mounted spotlight can be swivelled 90° and turned through 355°.


The innovative reflector technology uses vacuum metalised plastic, making it virtually glare free. Tool-less interchangeability of reflector for SP, MFL & WFL beams.

Pressure die-cast alumnum body with reflector ring.

Additional Information
LED lamp lumen max upto 5300 lm*

2700, 3000, 3100, 3500, 4000, 5700

DC Current

700mA – 1200mA


5300lm at Max 45W, 1200mA


Integrated Electronic

*Lumen output indicated is for Colour Temperature of 3000K.